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Part of the South East Wales Presbyterian Church

The Sanctuary


Every morning at 7:30am we share a short Bible thought live on Facebook. Sometimes we work through a book in the Bible but sometimes we follow a theme. Here you can find all our previous videos if you'd like to binge-watch them all at once.


On the first Wednesday of every month we share a podcast and vlog discussion following different themes exploring Christianity and how it relates to the world around us. Here you can find all previous podcasts and vlogs so you can enjoy it in whatever format you prefer.


Across all our Social Medias we aim to share lighthearted but interesting videos to make you think or to encourage you. Here you can find a selection of those videos to give you a taste of what our Social Media platforms offer.

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For those of you who prefer the written format we will soon be featuring some blogs on our site

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The Sanctuary is part of the South East Wales Presbytry which covers an area from Llantwit Major in the West to Sudbrook in the East and from the churches along the Bristol channel in the South to Abergavenny in the North.

The majority of our churches are tiny fellowships of committed Christians attempting to be the Body of Christ in their communities. 

The Sanctuary is the online expression of this community, seeking to meet people where they are and help them to discover the truth of Jesus for themselves.



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